Bluetooth Wireless speaker would like ?


I want to add sound to the living room in a WAF friendly manner. Gotta be inconspicuous and no wires showing! Any particular good sounding ones that you have heard?

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  1. jimchamplin

    Pretty sure any of the high quality smart speakers would work. All you need is power to them. If you need a little more flexibility, we’ll... There’s always Sonos.

  2. rameshthanikodi

    Sonos Play 5 or Play 1. If you want something smarter, the Google Home Max is quite good too.

  3. Brad Sams

    I'm a big fan of Sonos but you will be stuck with Sonos hardware (but i'm ok with this as it's all high quality) but the Google max is also a great choice with more flexability.

  4. evox81

    What is the end goal? What type of content do you want to play from this speaker? You mention Bluetooth, but is content from BT enabled devices the only thing you're trying to play? Since this is your living room, will your television/home theatre also be running through it?