Dumped Groove for Amazon music


I finally dumped Groove music for Amazon music. I couldn’t take the Android client anymore and the pace at which things got updated was glacial.

I tried using the “Stamp” app Paul mentioned a while ago, but it matched the right song on the wrong album. It probably doesn’t matter much – the song is the song regardless of the album – but I didn’t care for my music being “rearranged”.

I had to buy the Amazon music storage because of their ridiculous 250 song limit to upload, but so far I’m happy with the Amazon Music client on Android and Windows.

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  1. harmjr

    I use both Grove but mainly use Amazon PRIME Music. I cant see paying for the unlimited music or the online storage with Amazon when having OneDrive with home Office 365. So when I want something thats on Grove/OD I just use it. Plus I have several playlist downloaded to my phone for quick play when my connection sucks. Some odd reason when I have bad connection even the downloaded playlist on Amazon wont work or it buffers yet the files are supposed to be downloaded. Its annoying. Anyway I see your point the Grove app is so out of date looking. Microsoft must improve it if they want more users in the consumer front.

  2. rameshthanikodi

    Came here to say that "Dumped Groove" has a nice ring to it.

  3. jbinaz

    Reasons why:

    1. Searching when using the Android client didn't include my OneDrive music in the results. This was a big one.

    2. After applying a filter, the drop down doesn't close. Minor annoyance, but it does show the lack of attention to detail. Same idea as the death by a thousand cuts Paul mentions with Ms Edge.

    3. Can't specify to store offline files on the SD card. Having a collection with approx. 8K songs, that's important to me.

    3. Microsoft jut doesn't seem committed to consumer. They're moving to cloud based stuff with a business focus. (They've always focused on business, but it's even more apparent now.) Amazon is definitely consumer focused.

    4. While Amazon charges $24/year to upload more than 250 songs (I definitely have more than 250 songs not in the Amazon Unlimited library), with the subscription being $7.99/month (as a prime member), the $24 extra for uploading files basically makes it $9.99/month, the same as Groove.

    I will miss the Groove client on Windows; it really is a good UWP app.

  4. jbinaz

    Well, after today's announcement it looks like this was a good decision.

    I had considered Spotify, but with no way to upload my own music or integrate it with OneDrive was a deal-breaker.

  5. Tim

    I don't get why Spotify doesn't just get everyone's money.

  6. jimchamplin

    I pay way too much. Apple Music because I have a huge library there, including about 12 GB of legacy music with iTunes Match; Google Play because it works with Chrome OS and also gives us access to YouTube Red; Spotify because... uh... I'm not actually sure why.

  7. Bill Russell

    I agree about the mobile play music app is bad but for me it plays music I want just fine. Why anyone would turn down the bonus of commercial free youtube red and screen off on mobile for the same price just because the play music app isn't great is beyond me.