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I am thinking about getting rid of spotify and going to groove but I am leaning more to google play music because well groove has no third party support. Does anyone use groove?

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  1. jimchamplin

    I do. I find the library sufficient for my listening, which is incredibly varied and eclectic. The software itself runs beautifully on Windows and iOS unlike iTunes which is a dog, and Google Play Music which is a webpage and more occasionally than I like will skip and pop.

  2. TheJoeFin

    I use Groove. It a decent experience all around. The OneDrive integration is nice for those oddball albums you have on MP3. Also the apps on every platform are pretty good.

  3. thespecificocean

    I use Groove but only for streaming my own library stored in OneDrive. It's excellent in that capacity. Can't comment at all on Groove Music Pass (Spotify) like functionality.

  4. Vuppe

    Groove has iOS and Android apps. I use it regularly on my Pixel, Xbox and PCs. It's nice, but I'm noticing a limitation in the Music Pass options recently. I'm wondering if they lost a licensing deal. I'm thinking about switching back to Google Music, despite the lack of app support.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to Vuppe:

      What sort of stuff is missing?

      • Vuppe

        In reply to jimchamplin:

        Anything relatively recent (seems like 2006 and newer) on Island Records is only available for purchase. I haven't seen huge gaps in Universal, but I feel like some of the sub-labels are not included in their licensing agreement.

        • jimchamplin

          In reply to Vuppe:

          Innnnnteresting. I need to do some looking. Seems like most of what I listen to is there on a lot of the indie labels (lots of vintage-revival acts like Los Straightjackets, Big Sandy, and She and Him on their original label. Their Columbia catalog is intact)

  5. Patrick3D

    If you've purchased any music on CD or vinyl from Amazon it might be worth taking a look at Amazon Music. They have an "Unlimited" service, but even without the service many albums you purchase may have been added to your Music Library there via the "Autorip" service which adds a free digital copy to your library. I use the Amazon app on iOS to sync my entire library from there to my phone for free, no paid service needed. For streaming stuff over the Internet I just listen to Internet radio stations for free.

  6. Tony Barrett

    Play Music family pass. Don't need anything else.

  7. cornholio

    I've been a Zune/Xbox Music/Groove subscriber since the early days of Zune (I happen to believe Zune's service was awesome and ahead of its time). I also still have an active subscription thru next year due to deals MS has offered in the past. However, I moved to Google Play Music about a year ago and haven't used Groove since--haven't missed it at all. Sorry, but MS jacked around with their Xbox Music/Groove apps too long...they were crap since dumping Zune. To be fair, I believe MS has finally worked out many of the issues introduced with Xbox Music, but the current Groove apps fall under the 'too little, too late' category for me.

  8. mercblue281

    Use Groove all the time - been a subscriber since beginning. Great service. Would like family plan but no matter.