I have question does anyone use Pandora Radio anymore I feel like the only one still using it?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    We dropped it last year as part of our family-wide switch to Spotify. Only my wife had been using it.

  2. Tim

    I pay for Spotify because I like to pick what I listen to. When I need more random inputs, there are plenty of playlists and the artist/song/playlist radio feature is a good enough replacement to Pandora for me.

  3. Brazbit

    I still use it on occasion because I spent a lot of time a few years back and built some virtually perfect channels for various generas and moods that can play all day while giving me exactly the kinds of songs that I want to hear. When such stations work the service is great.

    However, I don't care to repeat that kind of multi-day effort to make new channels and I'm sick of the fact that new channels will give you every song or artist tangentially related to the ones you seed the station with, but can go months without ever playing the actual song or artist you seeded it with. One of the first channels I made was based on the song Sloop John B. by the Beach Boys. Over the years the channel has become a decent channel for songs of that era, I've heard Sloop John B. on that station maybe 5 times in 17 years which is just ridiculous.

    That being said, I maybe listen to Pandora about 30 minutes a month these days. I'm usually listening to podcasts during my commutes.

  4. Albatross

    I used free Pandora for years. Just recently started paying for the lower tier to eliminate ads. I like that I don't have to curate playlists. Stations do a nice job of pulling together similar music.

  5. offTheRecord

    I've had a free Pandora account for ages. I still use it occasionally (on my phone or tablet), along with TuneIn, RadioTunes and Spotify -- all free accounts. I tend to use Spotify and TuneIn most often since they work with Google Home for free. Most other services require premium accounts if you want to use them with Google Home.

  6. exiorat64s

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  7. seapea

    heh, heh. I just turned it on right before I opened my browser.

    Yes , i do. As do many others. I think it was last month it was in top 10 of iphone apps.