What’s the best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?


Hello, I am in search of a high quality Bluetooth speaker without the high price tag. Trying to stay away from Bose, beats by dre, and Sony for this reason. Looking for something similar to iPop which with high cost performance. 

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  1. jimchamplin

    In all honesty, I've always had iHome brand speakers and have had good luck. My favorite based on experience as a retailer is iHome's Heavy Metal speaker.

    Tight bass, good other noises. I don't know how it sounds with real music since the demo only plays garbage, but the trashy pop sounds better than the other demo units.

    Everything else sounded like animals groaning and sighing in the throes of mating.

  2. arunphilip

    How big, roughly what price, and what use cases?

    From personal ownership experience, JBL and Anker both have nice portable options at various price points, I own the JBL Go ($35 on Amazon) and Anker A7910 ($20 on Amazon).

  3. Bats

    Is this speaker, something that your going to move around alot or take with you?

    Will it be used for a specific purpose, like a social or professional event? If so, what is maximum size room that you see yourself using these speakers for?

    This all matters for the quality of the sound you are aiming to get.

    The smaller the room the cheaper the speaker can be. If it's just for you, then pretty much any speaker would be good.

    The larger the room, the more high powered speaker you'll need.

  4. Nicholas Kathrein

    I'd recommend if you want better sound stay away from bluetooth unless you need to use it away from home. A google chromecast audio device which is $30 or $35 on store.google.com and that can hookup to any powered speaker. It uses wifi and sound quality through wifi is better than bluetooth. JBL has a product called the JBL Playlist which has chromecast built in so you don't need the $35 device yet since it's built into the speaker. I go that way.

  5. evox81

    The Creative Roar line is what I personally own. (Roar (cheapest), Roar2 or iRoar (most expensive)). They're not inexpensive, but they typically undercut their competitors by about $100. I own the original Roar and the iRoar. They both sound great, even at high volumes, with the biggest difference being how loud they can get, with the iRoar being unnecessarily loud.

  6. Alexander Rothacker

    Does it need to have a battery, or is it ok to plug it in when using it? We have two JBL Charge 3 in the house and they sound great. Batteries last really long, and you can also use it to charge your phone, they are also splash proof.

    You could also get a HK Invoke and use it through the BT connection. It sounds really good, but needs to be plugged in.

  7. jessicagross

    Anker A7910 is one of the finest Bluetooth speaker with high quality performance. I think you should go with that as it hopefully comes in your budget. You can also check UE Boom it is also had good performance.

  8. Wizzwith

    If you want something plugged-in and always-on for your house, and if it's still selling for $99, the HK Invoke would be a stellar choice. Its sound quality, at that price point and for its size, is unmatched. In this scenario the Cortana capability is just a nice bonus.

    On the other hand, if you want something portable with a battery there are many choices, all depends on your budget.

  9. Andy Babiec

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  10. dhoomkethu

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  11. rasmushax

    Checked out the JBL Xtreme? That's the one I have and I'm really happy about it.

    There are some good picks here https://soundwiz.net/best-wireless-bluetooth-speakers/