Extending Office 365 home 12 months for $79 through 12/3


It seems that you can reup your office 365 subscription today for $79, and it will simply extend your time 12 months.

just did it and added a year to my sub.


thought I’d share,





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2 responses to “Extending Office 365 home 12 months for $79 through 12/3”

  1. 661

    Thank you my renewal was due on 17 Dec  - you saved me some $$$


  2. laurenebsary

    Hi i cant cancel my my microsoft office subscription due to the fact every time i visit my Best UK Assignment Writing Service by Assignment Help Deal account an mistakes appears ,and stated theirs some thing wrong with my account. It doesn't give me any other information and best said we need your assist to restoration the hassle. But i have no idea what the problem is. I need to cancel my subscription asap because 8 pound is being taken out of my account each month.