Family calendar frustration


I want to share a calendar with my immediate family, for access with Windows 10 and Android Outlook apps. I have tried the family calendar but haven’t got it to work properly, despite hours of trying. I think it possibly worked first time I set it up but having added family members, and possibly added members to the family account in different accounts, I have ended up with multiple family calendars and none of them work.

An example frustration is that the family members must only be added via one member’s account. You can end up unable to add a member because Outlook says they are a member of another family, but there’s no way of determining which family that is.

Also, there is a known issue that Outlook 2016 (desktop) does not support shared calendars. So you can’t edit a family calendar with Outlook desktop. (I am surprised they have not fixed this as it seems fundamental to a family situation where students use Office 365).

Should I persevere with family calendars or is there a better solution?

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