Ask Paul for this Friday (December 15)


Sorry for the late post. But here’s a forum thread for this week’s “Ask Paul,” which I’ll post on Friday. Thanks!

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  1. MattHewitt

    My question relates to the nutrition article you posted earlier this week. Is your whole family all-in on this? If not, is it difficult being the odd man out? I am interested, but I feel like it would be difficult to have to prepare separate meals every night because so much of what we eat has some type of carbohydrate in it and to completely omit it would be omitting a majority of the meal.

    If your wife is low carb/no carb as well, does this have any effect on her participating in races or her training? (I seem to remember her being a runner.)

    Feel free to ignore if it's too personal.

    • Simard57

      In reply to MattHewitt:

      more nutrition related question

      • are you taking vitamin supplements to ensure you are getting what you need?
      • are you under a doctor's supervision while on this diet and have they recommended any alterations? I wonder what the impact is to your A1C and Cholesterol
  2. Sprtfan

    A few months ago there was some information going around that the Windows Store device limit per Microsoft account was going to be raised to 2,000. I'm still at 10 and was not sure if this is something that is still going to happen or if it was just a bug that a few people had that has been fixed?

  3. harmjr

    Ins't it now time to kill off Windows 10 Mobile? If no then why?

  4. timothyhuber

    I believe I heard you mention something about smart pens a while ago. I've found more and more that having pen and paper is invaluable and of course there are the recent studies about learning/retention being better with handwriting vs. typing notes. I use OneNote on my Surface Pro 4 with pen to take notes, but more often than not grabbing my paper notebook and pen is more convenient.

    So to my question: Have you looked at the Moleskine solution, which just came out with a Windows 10 app? Do you have any experience with a smartpen that integrates well with OneNote?



  5. Finley

    I am looking for writing tips. As part of my business (sale and service of marine electronics) I started a "blog" on my website. My aim is to write simple articles covering tips and tricks when it comes to marine electronics and use these as another way to promote my business. I host my website on squarespace and use their blog functions to write my drafts. As you could imagine this is not very convenient and am looking at the best way to record ideas and take those to full articles.

    Any writing tips you could provide for someone starting out would be great.



  6. hrlngrv

    You wrote an article on Edge adoption being disappointing for MSFT. What do you believe it'd take for Edge to become more attractive to Windows 10 users? Is it the lack of extensions? The slow pace of new features given its update cycle is tied to new Windows 10 versions? Perhaps due to many Windows 10 users also using other PCs with Windows 8.x or 7 wanting to use the same browser so Edge would be out of the question? Plain & simple human inertia? Can MSFT do anything more than what it did for Windows phones, or is Edge's likely fate as bleak? Well, in addition to pushing Windows 10 S which sets in stone Edge as default browser.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Maybe Edge just isn't what people want. There are plenty of browser choices these days, both Chrome and especially Firefox Quantum are moving forward much quicker than Edge. People like them. They don't want to change. Edge has no interest for them, so why should they use it?

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to ghostrider:

        I understand it's a real possibility most users just don't like Edge, same as most people preferring Android and iOS to Windows Phone/Mobile. OTOH, most users are human, and most humans are creatures of inertia. It's significant 5/6 or more Windows 10 PC users install and use something else. [Tangent: I'd LOVE to see telemetry on the relative usage of portable versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. IOW, maybe a significant portion of Windows users have discovered it ain't hard to use whatever they want, even at work.]

        That said, MSFT presumably wants more Edge users, so it behooves MSFT to put in some extra effort to achieve that. Edge for Android and iOS may help, but I figure it won't be enough because those Edge users on phones are all likely to be the relatively few Edge users on PCs already.

  7. will

    Does the Windows Insider program need a reboot?

  8. ChristopherCollins


    I know you (nor I) are a fan of multiple Windows SKU's. Since Win 10 Pro has so much bloatware, do you expect the upcoming enterprise/pro version be be completely scaled back and ready for proper installs in the workplace (ie, no tiles to unpin or candy crush to remove). I haven't had time to study up on that SKU, but I recall an article you wrote that mentioned it.

    I think there should be a raw Win 10 version that isn't server that is free from all bloat, telemetry (except crash data), etc... I run a large radio automation system and updating to Windows 10 was a freaking nightmare customizing each machine.

  9. Martin Pelletier


    How can you get lost if you have all the tech gadget (phones) with all the maps apps there is and GPS? :)

  10. Paul Thurrott

    I'm going to freeze the Qs where we are so I can answer them today. Thanks!