Daring Fireball, Thurrott Now and Paul’s Proflicacy


I’m not suggesting any kind of equivalence, and don’t kill me for saying so, but conceptually, Thurrott Now actually reminds me of Daring Fireball– both offer a handful of lightly contextualized snippets from around the tech web every day.

What’s amazing is that while DF is the entirety of John Gruber’s writing, these little snippets on Thurrott Now are just the errata that catch Paul’s eye as he is writing his full-length posts for the main site. Throw in all of the podcasting work, and I think Paul might be hardest working man in tech journalism. It also makes me wonder how John Gruber makes a go of it writing a few hundred words a day.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Endorsements, site sponsors, podcast sponsors, all that. He writes about topics more related to the Apple sphere, but he's been leaning very politically lately, at least as much as he's historically talked about the business side of tech. There's more money thrown around in that realm I suppose.


    Both John and Paul are good at breaking the news down for the less technical readers.

  2. rameshthanikodi

    Yeah, I never really understood why people make a big deal out of Daring Fireball either. I mean, he just quotes chunks of text from other people and drop one-liners which is basically what I call the Yoda approach to commentary - except that Yoda is a fictitious wise non-human character, and anyone that tries to emulate that IRL just comes off as arrogant to me.

    Occasionally he posts a longform - most likely a scoop from Apple, and that's about as much original content you get from him. Oh and I think he's doing podcasts now.

  3. Rcandelori

    Is Paul charging $8,250 USD to sponsor the Thurrott Now feed? :)