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Hey all,

As some of you know, we’ve been under a spam barrage for about 10 or 11 days now. We were also all-out attacked mid-week last week, but before and since then, we see spammers creating accounts in real-time and posting bogus forum posts with malicious links. This is taking up hours of my time each day. Brad has helped out as well, and I can’t even count now how many we’ve deleted. Hundreds of accounts and posts, easily.

To combat this in a more permanent way, we’ve temporarily turned off the ability to post to the forums. So these spammers will continue to create accounts and post to the forums, but those posts will never display. The obvious side-effect to this, of course, is that no one else can create a new forum post right now either. Sorry about that, but we should be back on Monday. And sometime Monday, we’ll implement a system whereby first-time posters are moderated so their posts don’t appear before being approved (by me, I guess). All other forum posts will appear normally, so if you already have an account and have been posting, you’ll be good to go.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

And, please. If you’re having some other technical problem or see a bug you want to be fixed or whatever, please do not leave that feedback here or in any other forum post. Please email [email protected] so a support ticket is created and the right people can take care of it.




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  1. bkkcanuck

    Sorry that the spammers are causing issues for you, but thanks for the update and the work you are putting in to mitigate the situation.

  2. locust_infested_orchard_inc.

    Surely it would be far more lucrative for these spammers to engage in ransomware attacks than to persist with wasting your time Paul, in deleting their posts. So obviously these spammers are low-tech criminals with seemingly unlimited free time.

    Have you considered implementing CAPTCHA for new members, as well as those with less than a certain number of posts, in order for them to comment ? That would surely frustrate the spammers and slow them immensely ? (that said the spammers may well employ bots or cheap human labour to correctly respond to the CAPTCHA challenge).

  3. Truffles

    I've noticed those posts. I assume by your solution that it isn't possible to disable account creation for the duration (however long that might be)?

  4. wright_is

    I'm guessing the attack was also the reason why Cloudflare keeps asking me, if I am a human, before letting me onto the site.

  5. dmclaurin

    I suffered the same issue on my forum, and I resorted to the same strategy. It worked, so it will also work here :)

  6. bob_shutts

    Sorry this is happening to the site! It seems that what you're doing is the only course of action.

  7. harmjr

    Maybe you can do something like joining a facebook group having the person answer some questions that are unique to etc.

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