Guesses Where Paul & Brad Are Travelling To?


Paul and Brad keep teasing a big plane trip they have coming up.

I’m wondering if they’re going to Microsoft Ignite Australia? The event is coming up in February (14th to 17th) and from the Eastern US it is a damn long trip (much longer than the European flights they do semi-regularly)

What does everyone else think?

P.S: I’d love it if they did go to Microsoft Ignite Australia (especially if they hosted an event open to non conference attendees), because the conference is being hosted about an hour away from where I live. So my guess may be coloured by a want too, but I think it’s a pretty reasonable guess ?

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8 responses to “Guesses Where Paul & Brad Are Travelling To?”

  1. 2

    For whatever it's worth, I'd love to go to Australia for any reason.

  2. 5664

    North Korea to help Kim Jong-un with installing his bootleg Windows 8 DVD. :D

    Only the best for the leader of the DPRK!

  3. 742

    Well it turns out it is Kenya. Not quite what I had guessed/hoped, but still pretty cool :)

  4. 10506

    Australia is one of my fav country. Going to visit it the third time next month. This time I booked cheap tickets at to Sydney. Than I'm going to visit Brisbane and Adelaide. I think it will be really great trip!

  5. 2525

    Would be good to get Paul + Brad down here.  Maybe for NDC later in the year?  We have an MS partner conference too (I get free tickets to that one as a partner so I'll vote for that if you're taking votes :D)

  6. KellyGrin

    Australia still remains 'terra incognita' for me. But I'm planning to visit Australia this year, I've already found free accommodation at in Sydney. I have heard many great things about Australia, so I guess it will be unforgettable journey