How did you first find Paul Thurrott?


How did you first come across Paul Thurrott?

I found Paul, from Windows Longhorn via Winsupersite, and Windows Weekly.

After that, I now regularly visit for all the Microsoft and other news!


Also, not to forget Mary Jo Foley, who I found on Windows Weekly and ZDNET, and Brad Sams on Neowin! 🙂

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  1. lecter

    I think it was in the XP "Whistler" beta days in 2000-2001 that I became interested in Windows sites and came across both Paul's WinSuperSite and Neowin. The articles were written much better than on other sites like Winbeta and I became a big fan.

    As time went by, I remember seeing Paul's screenshots with his music which included The Offspring and his literary preferences which included Stephen King and realized that I really like this guy :D

    Besides the usual news-related/opinion content, I think my favorite part of WinSuperSite/ has always been the "What I Use" articles, more often than not they featured software/hardware/day-to-day gear that I either already own or would definitely want to use and now that Brad also chimes in with such stuff it's always taken into consideration when I shop for new gear.

    Speaking of which, how about an article about the less glamorous hardware/software Paul/Brad/Mary use? I'm very curious about their choices of routers/scanners/printers/UWP apps/mobile devices cases and such :)

  2. Adlton

    I found about Paul searching for some advice (i can't remember correctly for what) and landing on WinSuperSite. I liked his reviews so I continued to follow his work. I know Mary Jo Foley form ZDnet and I found about Brad here in

  3. GarethB

    I'm starting to feel old. Sometime around 1997-98, I subscribed to a e-mail list from Paul. 

    I remember being determined to ignore this annoying 'Windows Weekly' thing Paul kept promoting. Listened to #62... and all episodes since.

  4. Chris_Kez

    Windows Weekly, circa 2009, so I'm a relative newcomer. I was re-doing the basement for a new A/V setup, looking for podcasts to listen to and stumbled upon Scott Wilkinson on the Tech Guy podcast, which introduced me to the TWiT network, and shortly thereafter I was listening to WW.

  5. vernonlvincent

    Back in the mid-late 90s - at the beginning of the Microsoft anti-trust trial.

  6. Oasis


  7. helix2301

    I was the huge fan of Windows Weekly been listening forever when Paul went on his own with I followed him.

  8. YouWereWarned

    I found him extremely knowledgeable. hehe...

  9. adampeterson

    I started listening at the beginning of Windows Weekly, which introduced me to Paul and later to Mary Jo Foley.

  10. Paul Thurrott

    I used a mirror. :)

    But seriously. Thanks.:)

  11. jimchamplin

    For me it was late 99 and I saw his epic in depth articles about Windows 2000. Followed ever since.

  12. ABianucci

    And here I was expecting some stories about "in the fetal position in the corner of a bar". ?

  13. rameshthanikodi

    Same here, I found out about Paul by following his reviews of various Longhorn/Vista builds.

  14. wunderbar

    I've been listening to/watching Windows Weekly since about mid 2008, which is kinda nuts when I type that "out loud." That's how I found out about Paul.

  15. I Khan

    I'm enjoying reading the different journeys.

    I found Paul and Mary Jo via Leo Laporte. I was watching re-runs of Leo's The Lab and Call For Help on the then G4Tech Tv Canada, and looked Leo up to see what he was up to - back in 2012, when I found and got hooked on WIndows Weekly. I also started reading Paul's and Mary Jo's articles at their respective sites, and followed Paul here to Thurrott.

    Through Paul, I was able to learn of Raphael Rivera and Andrew Zarian.

    As for Brad, I first read his work on Neowin, really liked his writing style, and so continued to follow some of his work.

    And I read Mary Jo's book - Microsoft 2.0, and will happily lobby with Paul to get another extended written piece from her.

    Take care,


  16. Vuppe

    I found the site through Disqus, the old commenting system. I almost also left when Disqus was dropped in favour of the...current comment system. But, it's good news.

    Brad Sams came from that, which, Brad cannot say my name properly. "veep." Tehe.

  17. xperiencewindows

    I found Paul when searching for a new podcast to listen to in iTunes. This was probably back in 2008. Since, then I've visited, each day and still listen to Windows Weekly.

  18. TheITGuy

    I think I first "discovered" Paul about 8 or nine years ago when a colleague started watching Windows Weekly. I largely ignored it at the time, but started watching it myself around 5 years ago.