MIT Technology review logo and Thurrott favicon (mini-icon) – did a double-take


I was surprised to note the following:

The grey favicon is for MIT Technology Review. The colorful one is, of course, I happened to have these next to each other and for a moment I was sure that there was some Premium magic going on, with the grey for the instance where I was not logged in. Then I took a closer look.

There’s only so many ways to do a blocky “T” in a 16 x16 space, it just surprised me. It’s not a problem or anything, just sharing here since who else is going to appreciate it?

If you’re curious, you can try here: / MIT Technology Review.


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2 responses to “MIT Technology review logo and Thurrott favicon (mini-icon) – did a double-take”

  1. dftf

    I guess the "T" is somewhat similar, though Paul's one is comprised of five blocks of colour (the old Windows Flag logo colours, plus a dark-grey) and the MIT one has just three shades of grey. As you say, there is only so-much you can do within a 16x16 pixel size, yes.

    Also, the image you posted here doesn't load -- the team is apparently working hard to stop this site being so busted!