New Ads coming up for Premium Subscribers


Hi, I am a Thurrott Premium subscriber since early on and I enjoy the content on the site. However, lately I have noticed the appearance of an ad at the bottom of the first image of some articles and at the bottom of the screen. You need to click on both ads (on the x at the top-right corner) to make them go away. Those ads come back whenever you get back (even on the same session!).

After years of hearing you justify the premium content with reduced ads and hearing you complain about “cheapening of Windows” with ads, I am disappointed to see you do the same with the site. I don’t mind paying for content and an annual increase in the subscription fees would be OK for me. Please remove those floating ads for premium users… they cheapen the site.

(I am hoping this may be an oversight for users consuming the content from iPad, is this possible?)

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