No Ask Paul this week, sorry


Hi all,

We arrived at the Airbnb in Mexico City safe and sound, but I’m exhausted and see I have plenty to write, so I’m going to skip Ask Paul this week, sorry. I should have a Premium post in the Programming Windows series tomorrow (Friday), however, as I wrote most of it on the plane. It’s a long one and is, I think, pretty cool.



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3 responses to “No Ask Paul this week, sorry”

  1. erichk

    Aw man. I had a question about Pascal. Guess I'll save it.

    • jimchamplin

      You can ask me!

      I can't promise that the answer would be the same quality as Paul's but I promise it will be very silly. :D

      • erichk

        I'm gonna keep it to myself until next week ... that way, by then, everyone will be salivating................. :-D