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Hey Paul & team,

I have been commenting on posts and forums.

But when I get replies, I don’t get any notification hence I usually miss out on the discussion going on.

Is this isolated issue with just me or there is a problem with the site?

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Note: Some few months back I used to get notifications whenever I returned to the site.

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  1. jchampeau

    I don't get them either, so I usually go back to the articles and look. I do miss stuff sometimes, though.

  2. pecosbob04

    This seems to be a common issue.

  3. StevenLayton

    Yeah, I've noticed this for quite a while now. I guess I can't complain that its still an issue, if I haven't reported it!

  4. Paul Thurrott

    Will check with Tim. Thanks!

  5. Paul Thurrott

    Tim and Dmitri are aware of the issue, which I guess has been going on for a while, and are working on it.



    • irfaanwahid

      In reply to paul-thurrott:


      Though this has been going on for a long time now. I guess you need to push your tech team to resolve this.

      I have recently made several comments in your posts but always forget to go back and check.

      Anyways, will appreciate if it can be rectified sooner.

      • infloop

        In reply to irfaanwahid:

        Understand though that it is a small team running the site. If I recall what was mentioned on FRD correctly, they've had to focus more of their efforts on the Petri side, so work on the Thurrott side can end up being delayed.

  6. Paul Thurrott

    There's not much more to discuss here guys. We know about it. We're working on it. No need to pile on.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    Again, there's not much more to discuss here. We know about it, and we're working on it.

  8. irfaanwahid

    Any update on this Paul?