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TLDR: would it be interesting to us readers, if Paul shares his thoughts on his work proces/time management/work organization/etc ?

Context: In an article by Paul about the Microsoft launcher was a picture of Paul’s agenda (I presume). The agenda had an item namend Deep work. I guess an amount of time where there’s no disturbance whatsoever so he can get some real work done.

Sounds interesting and something I’d like to have as well. I currently have to write an SLA (not fun) and said post made me deliberately take a work-at-home day to get it done.

Paul has to write ánd do podcasts ánd is on the road a lot. Sounds like a challenge, so I’d personally would like to hear his thoughts on this.

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  1. wright_is

    He did discuss it a while back, either just after came into being or at the end of his stint at Winsupersite.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    As others have pointed out, I did write about this last year. But You do raise some interesting issues around working while traveling, which is often difficult. Even a small trip, like this week's trip to NYC, can be very disruptive. I'll look into how/if it makes sense to expand on that.

  3. Tiny

    Paul used to often write "How I Work" articles, which I always enjoyed. Lately he has answered "How I Work" questions in his (mostly) weekly "Ask Paul" posts. Another excellent reason for prime membership.

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