Paul & Deep work


TLDR: would it be interesting to us readers, if Paul shares his thoughts on his work proces/time management/work organization/etc ?

Context: In an article by Paul about the Microsoft launcher was a picture of Paul’s agenda (I presume). The agenda had an item namend Deep work. I guess an amount of time where there’s no disturbance whatsoever so he can get some real work done.

Sounds interesting and something I’d like to have as well. I currently have to write an SLA (not fun) and said post made me deliberately take a work-at-home day to get it done.

Paul has to write ánd do podcasts ánd is on the road a lot. Sounds like a challenge, so I’d personally would like to hear his thoughts on this.

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  1. wright_is

    He did discuss it a while back, either just after came into being or at the end of his stint at Winsupersite.

  2. jchampeau

    He discusses it here.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    As others have pointed out, I did write about this last year. But You do raise some interesting issues around working while traveling, which is often difficult. Even a small trip, like this week's trip to NYC, can be very disruptive. I'll look into how/if it makes sense to expand on that.

  4. Tiny

    Paul used to often write "How I Work" articles, which I always enjoyed. Lately he has answered "How I Work" questions in his (mostly) weekly "Ask Paul" posts. Another excellent reason for prime membership.