Paul, do you still endorse Firefox?


Paul, your name even appeared in the 2004 New York Times ad for Firefox. Firefox is arguably more important now than it was back then, but you don’t seem to be endorsing/promoting Firefox these days. You have a real platform and we need your voice! Yes, Chromium is open source but Google ultimately controls what happens in Chromium, it’s Google employees that make the decisions and that’s not good

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I respect what Firefox is doing for sure, and completely understand why someone would choose this browser over Chrome or anything else. Plus it syncs between PC and mobile, which is great.

  2. jumpingjackflash5

    I have recently tried to use Firefox both on desktop and mobile and while there are some drawbacks and "manual tuning" - for example tuning smooth scroll's parameters on desktop and disabling smooth scroll on touchpad (paradoxically), overall experience is very good and now I use it for majority of browsing. I still keep Edge for some web work, though. But sure, for me Firefox is better than Chrome.

  3. red.radar

    I prefer Firefox. Predominantly because its not a google product, and their bookmark and history syncing works well across all platforms. However, I am noticing that firefox is having issues rendering some websites now. Its becoming obvious that developers are not prioritizing the testing of their website to work correctly with firefox. Just now when trying to cancel my sling subscription I was getting hung at the "reason" for connection screen. Firefox wouldn't render the screen effectively breaking my ability to proceed.

    I had to switch over to edge. This is not an isolated incident.

    I am feeling that a developer mono-culture is developing around chromium, and this is going to be real problematic. I feel like we are getting ready to relive IE 6.0.

  4. scoop

    One point against Chromium-based browsers I am amazed more folks do not mention is text rendering and readability. I am a writer, a reader and near-sighted. Size and quality of text and fonts makes a difference to me. In this case Firefox and its offshoots are the best, followed closely by Edge, with Chrome and Chromium-based browsers bringing up the rear. I have plain Chromium installed mainly to use gmail for work. That seems to make text easier to read than Chrome, but maybe that's my anti-Google bias showing.

    Yes, you can play with fonts and zoom and DPI and all that. I found that often makes things worse, not better. There was a Firefox extension called NoSquint that allowed zooming of text only, not the entire page, which worked wonders on some sites.

    Since Quantum, Firefox is so close to Chrome in performance that its other pluses, such as text-rendering, make it my top choice. I also use Pale Moon, and on Win 10 I use Edge, which is getting better. Chromium is there if needed. No plans to install Chrome anytime soon. I think some people who flock to it and always go back to it have been sucked into Google as a de facto OS, whether or not they know it.

  5. irfaanwahid

    Brave? Anyone.

    I have been using Brave past 3-4 months and it is blazing fast. I know it runs on Chromium but blocking of unwanted ads and sheer speed is amazing.

    I used to use Edge and Chrome previously, now I use 90% of the times Brave and remaining Chrome.

  6. james_b

    I think the answer your question is: Firefox is doing admirable things but I (Paul Thurrott) choose to use Chrome for the simple reason that it works best with most sites and has the most useful tools.

  7. misterstuart

    I use different browsers for different purposes because, honestly, they all have strengths and weaknesses depending on use case. That said, Firefox has been and remains my default browser mainly out of habit, but also because I just like them as an organization.

    • Tim

      In reply to misterstuart:

      Same. I can't help myself from swinging back to FireFox from time to time; it runs really well. But development stuff is just easier to me in Chrome. And generally Chrome is good enough.

    • nfeed2000t

      In reply to misterstuart:
      Each browser has its own strengths and warts. Firefox works well 99.99 percent of the time, I like it, and recommend it. Firefox's built in Reader View is sweet. I also like Firefox's: Cross platform support, syncing, RSS feeds as bookmarks, privacy settings, multiple profile capabilities, XML viewer, strong extension ecosystem, etc.
      It does seem that developers mostly use and test with Chrome when developing SaaS and enterprise websites and thus most reliable results tend to come with Chrome. In a perfect world developers would test against all major browsers but it simply doesn't happen.
      I also like Brave for its privacy/security focus but built in ad blockers can often break website functionality. A lot of the websites I visit still work well with all shields up and I can modify the shields per site but I am a nerd that way. I only suggest Brave to those who are savvy, understand technology, and patient.

  8. minke

    I keep trying Firefox, but Chrome just works better most of the time. Plus, Firefox is so horribly ugly with that putrid purple theme and those ugly tabs with square edges that look like they are skewed. I also find that the syncing of bookmarks, passwords, etc. works much better in Chrome. The biggest reason is that 100% of websites are designed to work the best on Chrome and most of them do.

  9. scj123

    Back in 2004 you recomended people use Windows XP, do you still recomend this now?

  10. 6e80a240

    Firefox is my daily driver and I would highly recommend it over Chrome. I do not experience performance issues, crashes, etc. The only disadvantage I know of is when a website requires flash, like directvnow or espn, and because Firefox does not support flash at all, I need to fall back to Chrome. Edge has the same issues with those sites.

  11. jimchamplin

    I believe that instead of using Chrome, we should instead simply pray to Crom. Here are my main reasons.

    1) Crom is your god

    2) Lives in the earth

    3) Battle pleases him

    4) He fought the giants

    5) If he does not listen, then to Hell with him!

    Edit: Had to fix a misquote. There is no profit in misquoting "Conan The Barbarian."

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