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Paul I haven’t seen you make a What I use post in a very long time. I do have a free account so I don’t know if that’s why? But I really enjoyed those posts. I’m old school Gen X geek. So I miss the blogs and Windows XP forum posts of people talking about what software and hardware they used as their daily driver? All the review sites out today are really just being paid by software and hardware companies to give good reviews. So it’s nice to hear from industry people like you talk about their daily usage with software and hardware. I think Brad should get in on this too. I think it would just add another area of interest to the site. Just my 2 cents, thanks!

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  1. phil_adcock

    Agreed. I often will try new things based off what people say they use daily and has helped or enhanced their workflow.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    You are reading my mind! :)

    I literally just wrote one up today, will publish it tomorrow.

    That's amazing.