Paul I recently purchased pocketcast since its much better then the standard podcast app on Apple or Android. I was wondering what podcasts you listen to on pocketcast.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    My most-often listened to are "How did this get made?", "2 Keto Dudes," "and "The Tim Ferris Show." But I keep a number of other podcasts around for the occasional listens, like "Travel with Rick Steves," "The Minimalists," "Internet History Podcast," "Rolling Stone Music Now," "Choose FI," and "Hanselminutes."

    • helix2301

      In reply to paul-thurrott: I should add "How did this get made" I like tested by adam savage who did mythbusters he has podcast thats kind like that.

      My regular listens which are podcast I set to auto download cause I know I will listen to them every week are
      First Ring Daily, What The Tech and the after show I support it on Patreon , Opie Radio Show, Tested and Get Off My Lawn

      Shows I will listen to if they have Good Topics or Guest I like will be
      Adam Carolla Show, Ace On The House (I like home improvement stuff since my wife and I have a fixer upper), Internet of things, steve austin show, talk is jericho, mat men (you might know Andrew ;) ), bill burr, bob viela show

      Sorry I don't listen to windows weekly I love FRD and What The Tech I just cant get into the twit shows as much as I used to there all almost over 2 hours and its hard to dedicate 8 to 10 hours a month to one podcast thats why I like FRD and What The Tech 25 min to hour is about my limit lol

  2. Lauren Glenn

    It's great.... but it's missing some key features from the mobile app (like being able to make good playlists where you can put all your unplayed videos in it, etc.) But compared to other UWP apps for Win10, it's the best of the best.