Still on the fence…HELP


What can someone say to get me to buy into the “Premium” service?

Can I pay per month?

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    I felt like you at first, but just today I decided to go for it and I signed up for Premium at the reduced rate.

    I just highly respect the work and writings of Paul and Brad, and I feel like I would have missed out on a lot of cool content had I not joined.

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    I know I am biased here but if you want one reason (and this is why I pay for other services) - the removal of ads. The image below is how every post looks for premium ads, just content. 


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    paying per month would be a nice option, and I saw in one of the comments that could be in the works. Either way, I believe in paying for quality, and Paul and Brad deliver.  Also, I have found in the Premium articles alot of "background" info on Microsoft and other Corporations and Manufacturers. It's just worth to me :)  Congrats to Paul and Brad.  Great Team!

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    I enjoy the site and wanted to support it.  I also wanted to see what the premium content would be like along with the podcasts.  I like the idea of having fewer but higher quality content compared to other sites that have to pump out content just to get clicks to make money.  

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      Agreed. The Premium articles so far have been very enlightening, well written and worth reading.

      Plus, who doesn't like Brad and Paul's constant (friendy) digs at each other.

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    Um, Um ,Um   Just Do It !

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    So, if you wanted to know what was happening in 90's in the PC world you had to purchase a magazine, I use to subscribe to each month.  If you take the $45 (atm) which works out at $3.75, then this is pretty much the same concept. 

    The issue we all have is we have got used to not paying for journalism, yet we used to all pay for it in the pass, assuming your old enough, I guess.  

    I also think that we are getting more for our money than we did we old media, podcasts, content daily, direct access to the journalists via twitter and to be part of a community via the forums. 

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    In agreement with the other posters, I also visit this site and its precedessor many times a day, but what made my contribution a no brainer was that in addtion to no ads, I finally had a way to directly vote with my wallet to thank Paul, Brad and their colleagues for their continued adovcacy and critical appraisal regarding Microsoft and its associated ecosystems. These guys in conjunction with Leo, Mary Jo, and Andrew and others consistently provide (at least in my opinion) among the most infomrative and entertaining tech news content. The development and delivery of additional podcast content in the coming weeeks and months is just icing on the cake. 

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    The group therapy sessions known as "articles about Windows Mobile" are usually Premium-only these days. And they (and the angst posted beneath them) are worth the price of admission alone.

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      In reply to stillfurther:

      That's one reason why I won't pay. Because the articles on Windows phone. If Paul doesn't like it, fine.

      But he always talks down to the people that does use and like Windows Phone.

      Also being out of work and dealing with workers comp lawyers. I can't afford it anyway.

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    For me, it is quite a lot of money. However, Paul's been educating me on everything under the Microsoft sun for more than five years now. It is how I think I can pay him back for all the learning. In return I get some value too. Win win :)

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    I signed up for the daily podcasts and I'm looking forward to the more indepth premium articles.

    Plus supporting a site I read everday seemed like a good idea too.

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    For less than the price of most monthly cable TV subscriptions, you get high quality articles that pretty much speak to you. I have taken their advice on many occasions and I find their opinions are worth listening to, regardless of my own. I learn all the time from perspectives that I may not have thought about, especially given the amount of time I work. Their research is tireless, their product reviews answer all of my questions, and save me valuable time.

    At the end of the day, these guys work hard and deserve to make decent money for all they do for us. Just like good journalism, if we're not willing to pay for it, it'll disappear. Then it'll be too late.

    These guys are high quality, trustworthy, dependable, thoughtful and as unbiased as you can ever expect from enthusiasts. They are looking out for us, and that is worth the small amount of annual fee they charge.

    Invest in them, we'll all benefit.