Travel today and the coming week


Hi all,

Just a quick heads-up that I’m flying to Mexico City today with my wife and son today (Tuesday). We’ll be there through the following Thursday, August 18, but other than the two travel days I don’t expect this to impact my work schedule that much: I’ll record Windows Weekly from Mexico tomorrow, and will write Ask Paul and Monday’s Premium newsletter as normal, for example, and will be writing every day.

If you are interested in what we’re doing in Mexico, my wife and I have a YouTube channel and a basic blog you can follow.

If you are still waiting on the Windows 11 Field Guide, apologies: I wasn’t able to work on that during the cruise and I lost the following week to illness. So much for my July deadline, but I’m hoping to get the first unfinished version out soon. I’d love to do so from Mexico, but we’ll see.