Who thinks Paul needs to write a book about Satya Nadella?


A biography about the visionary, his upbringing, how he came to Microsoft and what he’s done to make Microsoft come back from the dead would make for a very interesting, need I say novel idea.

I’d pre-order it in an instant.

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    Ugh. :)

    I have some vague idea about writing a book about Microsoft, maybe something focusing on the shift from Windows to the cloud. But that would require me taking a year off, etc., and the participation of many people inside Microsoft past and present. I guess I don't see this happening.


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    I don't know. It doesn't seem interesting to me.

  4. hrlngrv

    Does Paul Thurrott have any experience writing biographies? Not exactly the same as tech writing.

  5. RWilson

    Would love to see and slight adjustment on this idea and maybe feature Mark Russinovich and the hand he has had in bring Azure into the spotlight