Would / could Patreon (or something similar) work for Thurrot.com?


Would / could Patreon (or something similar) work for Thurrot.com?

Ultimately, it’s for Paul, Brad and Mehedi to decide of course, just curious about everyone’s thoughts on this.

Context: just watched a post on Youtube by Lindsay Ellis and apparently Patreon works for her (afaik), which made me wonder…

(if this question has been asked before, please let know, I couldn’t find it on the forums).

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  1. lvthunder

    With the model they have now they get to keep all the money (minus the credit card fees) and not give Patreon a percentage of it. What do you think would be the advantage of going with Patreon?

  2. garyharrison

    Possibly. As someone who reads the site for personal satisfaction, I find the price a bit steep, so i don't subscribe. If I were in the industry, that would be no problem, but I'm not. I support other things like Daily Tech News Show via Patreon. I wonder if they would make up in volume what they lose in price.

    • illuminated

      In reply to GaryHarrison:

      I also have subscription fatigue. How many more subscriptions one can handle? Internet, cell, amazon, netflix, patreon, hulu, hbo, magazines, newspapers, MS office, adobe... A man's got to know his limitations.

  3. wunderbar

    why would they use Patreon when they already have a premium model they run in house?

  4. BigM72

    I don't know about Patreon but I would be interested in a pay-per-article model. So I only pay for what I'm interested in reading (which also gives Paul & Co a steer as to what the market wants).

  5. jwpear

    I'm pretty happy with the subscription model that's in place. I don't see the need to get a 3rd party involved, but I understand some might find the current subscription price steep. Would Patreon change that?

    What if there were an additional subscription where folks could pay for a standard subscription that simply removes ads, but doesn't allow access to the premium content (and maybe also excludes forums)? Would this meet reader and Paul/team needs?

    How might you pay on a per article basis? Not sure I like that, but it is interesting.

    When I mull this problem over, I simply can't pay $30-60 per year for every site I read. It just doesn't fit the budget, so I have to be selective about who I give my money to. I honestly don't want to pay per article (that feels like toll roads to me and it just becomes a lot of friction). It also feels like this would ultimately be more expensive and too easy to exceed the budget.

    If we're rethinking the compensation model, I suppose ads need to be re-evaluated too. I don't object to ads as a way for writers to help earn a living. I do object to intrusive ads--those that change the layout of content while you're reading/scrolling, those that basically yell at you (flash, move, block the content, and other stupid stuff), those that I have to wait on to see the primary content rendered correctly, etc. When I read a physical newspaper or magazine, I don't mind the ads. They don't shout at me and they don't block what I'm trying to read. Yes, I may have to page through a few pages of ads to get to the content, but it isn't actively obtrusive like digital ads. I also don't have to worry about those ads infecting my property/machines.

  6. karlinhigh

    Ben Thompson's stratechery.com has a monthly subscription option. Last I checked, it was $100/year or $10/month.

  7. Bats

    Why this suggestion? Who among this community is (in Thurrott's words) "Cash Strapped" where they can't afford $4.50/month?