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Paul great photos of your old computers and I like the stories behind how you got dell tower for writing books and mac for writing a book targeted at education. I was wondering if you could give us a list of your books and maybe who you were targeting them at if possible. Maybe how you transitioned from book writing / working to full time blogging if possible thanks love the site and the great work you do.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Yeah, that might be worth a post.

    Short version is I went back to school in 1993 to study software development. Met a professor who was working on turning a Visual Basic course for beginners into a book, and he asked me to tech edit it. And then help write it. And then just write it. We went on to write several books together; Windows, Office, and development-related. I had created an email newsletter for the teachers, who asked for it to be expanded to their students, who asked for it to be expanded to anyone. And created a website. And then I got a job at San Francisco startup as a webmaster and writer. I created the content management system that we used on our sites. When that company fell apart, I hooked up with WUGNET, created the SuperSite for Windows and then was hired by Duke Publishing, which made Windows NT Magazine.

    Basically I intended to be a developer. Became a book writer (and still did development). And then became a magazine and then web writer. I kept writing books too for the most part.