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Just an idea and I know that you guys don’t like to talk politics but I’d really like to hear you guys opinions on social media and the recent bannings

From Brad and Paul comments on social media it pretty clear they are both liberals(although I might be wrong) but also two pretty level headed guys ( except for when it comes to the mail app.. Paul). I also don’t think to you both are quiet as left wing as say the verge.

Hopefully I won’t get hate for posting this, I’m not left wing of right wing. I don’t think trump is a literal nazi or that Hilary is a saint. I’m mainly worried about the polarisation that is occurring in society and I think technology has a massive part to play in this.

To be clear I think Alex Jones is a nasty/crazy man who said some terrible things however he is just the most high profile character to be banned from social media. Many more moderate conservatives have also been banned recently while left wing progressive voices with questionable views on race and democracy are actually allowed to work at twitter and Facebook.

Do you think that given the tech industry’s power to influence society and potential to influence elections needs to be regulated?

I hear and understand hate speech is unacceptable however who gets to decide what hate speech is? Surely a democracy needs both left and right voices to be heard equally and as social media is now the public arena for such discourse maybe it needs to be regulated by a external group and not silicon Valley which famously has a very left wing population.

We hear a lot about inclusion being high on the list of priorities for silicon Valley but maybe inclusion of ideas needs to be included too especially in the running of public forums such twitter.

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