Doorbell – Nest or Ring


We have a number of Google smart assistant devices at home, and I’m thinking of adding a smart doorbell. Given that I am Google Assistant based, is there any advantage with going for the Nest Doorbell? The Ring doorbell is cheaper, for what look like basically the same thing, I will pay the extra if there if a good reason to do so, but is there?


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  1. StevenLayton

    Sorry for the bump of my post, but with New Year sales approaching I plan to buy one or the other soon. Curious of any thoughts, experiences or suggestions anyone might have on one or the other.

  2. MacLiam

    I installed a Ring doorbell about six weeks ago. I find it adequate and of course better than no imaging doorbell at all. Earlier in the year I had installed a Nest thermostat, which I like a lot. I probably should have stayed with Nest for the doorbell, but I had recently helped my daughter and SIL troubleshoot installation of a Ring doorbell at their house. That made Ring the familiar unit, so I put one on my place.

    I have to believe that either would do fine. I will caution you that in the last two-three days, my Ring unit has been slow to push notifications to my phone or linked computer. I have answered a Ring chime to find no one at the door, and when I check the app on my computer, I find that the button had been pushed a few minutes earlier and my visitor left when I didn't answer. Cloud congestion? Bad device settings? Don't know. If this keeps up I may replace the Ring with a Nest.

    I have an Echo/Alexa setup here. Adequate, but not great.

  3. Polycrastinator

    The thing that's held me back from the Nest doorbell is that there's no battery option. Ring can be charged, so I don't need to deal with wiring, but Nest is only available powered by wires from in the home, which introduces a degree of hassle to installation that personally I don't want to deal with.

  4. Travis

    I believe if you have smart displays there are some considerations. Google Smart displays work with Nest but not Ring. Echo smart displays work with Ring but not Nest. So if you want to be able to say "Google show me the front door" I believe you will need a Nest. I am an Echo household so that is why I purchased a Ring.

  5. JaseCutler

    Just going to say, I have two Nest Cams inside the house and a Ring doorbell. Go Nest, just for the reliability.

    Nest costs more, but it's video retention is great and notification delivery has been superb. Ring does weird things with only storing clips, and I have had mixed results on getting notifications.

    Very quickly realizing that I should pay for reliability and quit looking for the 'cost effective' way.

  6. nicholas_kathrein

    I bought a nest doorbell as soon as it was released. The video quality is superior to any I've seen. It's the best door bell out. I have no regrets.

  7. Bats

    Yes. Hellz yeah! Being that you have Google Homes, go with Nest Hello. Ring is good, but the Nest is better. If you have a friend named Johnny and he rings the doorbell, the Nest will tell you that "Johnny is at the door." This works with Google Homes. I have a couple of Alexa devices and it doesn't do what I described.If you need more info and see some comparison tests go to YouTube and search for it. 

  8. StevenLayton

    So, while it was £60 more expensive, I opted for the Nest Doorbell and placed the order. I decided that it made sense to go for the Nest products, while I was already invested in the Google ecosystem.

  9. lvthunder

    According to the Intercept Ring has been lax with the security kind of like Uber was with its God Mode.

  10. jrjr

    You are where I was a few days ago. I decided to go with the Nest because I already have the Nest thermostat and smoke/CO detectors. I think it's a little smaller than the Ring which helps in my situation. I haven't installed it yet so I can't share my real-life experiences.

  11. txag

    I recommend the Nest, assuming you want to give up your entire life to Google.

  12. stephenrgarrett

    I just replaced a Ring that recently died with a Nest.

    While I think both are good products, I personally strongly prefer the Nest.

    The responsiveness in the app is much better, video quality is better. But one of the big things to me is that you can leave the view streaming all of the time on the Nest, where the Ring times out after a few minutes. So if you are expecting a delivery or something you can leave it open on your phone/Echo/Google Home to keep an eye on the door.