The move to IOT devices


Hello all,

After reading Paul’s venture into smart lighting and the rise of the AI voice assistants Echo and Google Home, I am now leaning to getting in on the action. However, I am still concerned about the security issues IOT devices bring with it.

With that in mind, what is the best way to secure these devices within a home network? Or is it even a concern? My thought was to take my existing router ( A Netgear nighthawk X6) and attach an old router I have (an Actiontec C1900a) via a VLAN port. Use the Actiontec 2.4 band and use that for all IOT devices. On the Actiontec I would deactivate the 5 ghz band and on the Netgear deactivate the 2.4 ghz band to eliminate interference. Would this prevent the IOT devices from being able to see my data on my personal devices (phones, tablets, PC’s)?

Is this too overthought? Is there a better solution? I have heard using the guest network on the router for IOT, but since the devices can’t see each other I would imagine that would gimp the voice assistants ability to control the device.

Long thread over. Thanks for your advice.


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