Which one is your best choice for 2017 christmas gift?


1. Christmas Tree Light

2. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

3. Wireless Earbuds

4. Smart 4K Sport Camera

5. Fitness Tracker HR

6. Multi-Color Disco Ball Light

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    Tough to answer. Do you mean "best choice" in a generic way, or is there some context you can give (man/woman/child, family/friend/co-worker, etc.) to help decide given the context?

    Also, the implicit assumption is that any of these would be appropriate for the "giftee" (i.e., they do not already have any of these items). Some of these are items a person could probably use more than one of (e.g., Bluetooth speaker, sport camera, lights), and others aren't (fitness tracker, earbuds).

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    Jules Wombat

    None of the above.

    Seriously, it time to dump on all this gadgetry fetish and focus more on persistant value items and experiences.

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    Bob Shutts

    Wireless earbuds for anybody who works out. Plus, they are platform neutral.

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    Depends, is it something I am buying for someone, or is OP gifting it to me?

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    Giving Christmas decorations as a Christmas gift is tacky. A present that's only useful a few days a year? Coal for you.

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    None of the above. I will admit I'm curious why you would post this question.

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