A better way to pay for Premium…


I’ve been following Paul for about 15 years, however, I’m really busy, and months can go by between visits to this site, at which point I will catch up and read a number of articles. I originally had a Premium account, but canceled it because I wasn’t using it enough

I’d like to be able to pay-as-i-go – paying a small amount to access each premium article for example, or a small amount to access the premium site for a day.

Is this something that could be considered for people like me who are very light users, but would still like to access and support the site?

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  1. jwpear

    I've been wrestling with this too. I still have a premium subscription, but have been questioning whether I should keep it. Microsoft just isn't that exciting these days given the mobile failure, decline of Windows, and lackluster Surface innovation. Of course, that isn't all the content published.

    I renew my subscription more out of respect and appreciation for Paul than anything at this point. But I have a kid in college and another that will be heading off in a couple of years. I've been evaluating a lot of my expenses, especially subscriptions, and adjusting or cancelling them so that I can help my kids with more of their school and living expenses. I'm fortunate to have a good career that has allowed me to save for their education, but at today's cost, I haven't been able to save enough to cover all of it.

    Ad support may be the best way I can move forward for a while when my subscription expires. I'd love the ability to pay for individual premium articles from time to time.

    • George Coll

      We appreciate your feedback and concerns. It is a delicate balance to juggle the simplicity of operating the business with flexibility.

      We do take the feedback seriously and will consider all ideas as we continue to evolve.

      Thank you.



  2. lvthunder

    With how much credit card processing fees are it's not practical to pay as you go. My allergy doctor for example won't bill a credit card for under $10.