Best Gadgets to Spend your $1,400 Right Now

Now, with most of everyone receiving, their “lucky pot” of $1,400 gold today (in the US). Here’s a quick list, of “Best Gadgets to Spend your $1,400”

Either all or a portion of it!

1. Microsoft Surface Pro. A solid choice for anyone!

2. Google Pixel 4a 5G, an excellent phone, with money left over.

3. Current, Dell XPS tower, with the 10th Gen I7 processor, GTX 1650 processor ($1,200 right now on Dell’s website). A solid choice for everything, and always upgradable

4. The, Lenovo Thinkpad T490 or earlier model. Best in class keyboard and everything!

5. A Samsung Evo SSD. Best way to significantly boost your computer, without buying a new one. Prices have gone down significantly too! 1TB is $119 on Amazon

6. Amazfit fitness watch! 1/3 price of the Apple Watch, that gives all the essentials, including built in GPS and heart rate monitoring

7. A new, TV. Prices of flat screens have gone down tremendously. There are excellent ones, with HDR that will not break the bank!

8. The Klipsch Promedia, computer speakers. Excellent sound and a good upgrade from crappy OEM desktop speakers, that come with most PCs

9. The PlayStation 4. Prices have gone down alot since the PS5 release. Right now, is a good time to scoop one up!

10. Smart lightbulbs for your home! These are great for keeping your house secure (while away), customization, and long term savings!

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