Bring back diqus


Discus is better then.this new comment system.

I don’t know why you would implement something that is worse then the last version.

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    What did Disqus didn't offer that you wanted?

    This whole new comment system have to have lots of work done. With Disqus, they did all the work.

    In Disqus I'm able to get noticfications of replies to my comments, I was able to edit them, I was able to block the spammer who makes money from using google to by a McLauran.

    On here, none of that stuff can be done.

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    Almost every site I read during the week has taken it upon itself to WORSEN its commenting system. ZDNet, IDG sites, now here. I suppose it's a hard computer science problem to try to come up with something close to Reddit or Disqus.

    Pet peave with the new comments: the tech enthusiasts who'd leave comments really need Undo and Redo buttons?

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    I liked Discus too but man, the spam on there was getting out of hand. Many other sites have moved off Discus as well. I understand why.

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    Personally I am not a fan of third party comments system like Disqus.   From the podcast Brad stated that they are continuing to work on it and I am ok with that.

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    LORDBAAL1, you've been critical of the Premium option and now the new comments system from day one. Give the comments a chance for goodness sake. They have said often a lot of those missing features are being implemented this week. 

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      In reply to anchovylover:

      Well I've given the new comment system a chance, for a several days. . it is clearly not ready to be used , and they have clearly not even tested it  properly before launching it ...  no edit function?? .. common.  It is not 1997 anymore


      and now the redesign ..  I bought in to the Premium thing, but I must say , the site look less and less premium every day . Now I can hardly even read the articels (hard to find and tiny tiny text), and the new comment system  you better be prepared to copy , delete, create new comment , paste .. post .. a lot . They can not have spend much more then a week creating that system.

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      In reply to anchovylover:

      It called constructive criticism.