Call of Duty on Windows 10


With all the recent Call of Duty WWII hoopla. I decided to play, one of my favorite computer games of all time, Call of Duty 1.

Back in 2003, Call of Duty 1 came out. It was a revolution in World War 2 shooter games. It mixed an excellent story and game play together. It taught players about all various the weapons used in the war, and so much more.

In the mid 2000s, I had a fairly good Windows XP PC. It had Athlon XP 3200 processor, 512MB RAM, and a Radeon 9250. It played Half Life 2 and Call of Duty 1 and United Offense very well.

A day ago, I decided to go through the (long process) of install Call of Duty 1 on Windows 10.

  1. I had to install Call of Duty, and change CDs, which is pretty old school. First I had to insert the product key of course! Installing the game took several minutes.
  2. After installing, COD refused to launch, because of Secure CD. I tried compatibility mode, but still didn’t work.
  3. Upon some research, I found I needed to download a patched “No CD” exe and replace the original. This worked perfectly, and the game launched.
  4. Then, I went into the COD folder, and opened up the config file, and changed the resolution to 1920×1080.

After all these steps. Call of Duty 1 ran perfectly, and I could relive the good old days. The game looks actually very good for 14 years old. Overall, Call of Duty plays well in Windows 10, despite needing to modify/adjust some things.

Here’s some Screenshots I took playing.

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