China removing foreign-made hardware and software from gov’t and public offices


I’m interested to hear Paul & Brad’s takes on how this will affect China’s version of Azure (21Vianet & Blue Cloud) and Windows.

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4 responses to “China removing foreign-made hardware and software from gov’t and public offices”

  1. Paul Thurrott

    Will need to look into this, thanks!

  2. Vladimir Carli

    it's becoming clear who is the real looser in this tech/trade war: the users on both sides...

  3. Paul Thurrott

    So, it's unclear if this is just "in offices," which I take to mean computers and other electronic devices, or more broadly, which would include datacenters. I assume the former.

  4. anoldamigauser

    ZDNet also covered this. It is interesting on multiple levels. It applies to all government offices and public institutions but does not apply to privately owned Chinese companies. My guess is that it will, eventually extend to these companies as well, since nothing is truly privately owned in China. It is part of a trend, with Russia's new law that all devices sold in that market include Russian software; and their test of disconnecting the country from the internet. Clearly, these governments, are looking to a future that includes ongoing conflict in cyberspace.

    Any foreign firms doing business in China should take this as a wake up call, and begin depending less on China as a market and a supplier. None of this is going to be good for anyone.

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