Community Guidelines


Hey everyone,

Just a heads up but we posted a few community guidelines here.

Nothing too surprising in them, basic idea is to not be a jerk and be respectful of each other. These guidelines will help with moderation to point a list of rules when taking action on specific accounts or incidents.


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8 responses to “Community Guidelines”

  1. Polycrastinator

    Only Paul is allowed to be a jerk. ?

    Joking aside, this is good to have codified, thanks for putting it up.

  2. FalseAgent

    this is great! so I guess we're going to have community moderators now?

  3. Oasis


  4. pecosbob04

    Guidelines...Guidelines? We don't need no stinkin Guidelines!

  5. hrlngrv

    No discussion of illegal software would mean software illegal in the US?

  6. locust infested orchard inc

    This is a serious question, though I certainly know what my response to my question would be, but then this isn't my website.

    Q. Is the use of abbreviated profanity acceptable, e.g., f. off and b.s. etc

    There are some here, who have a nasty habit of dishing the dirt in an often unacceptable manner. Should it be tolerated, and should the offending comment be reported ?

  7. bharris

    OK, now can you start working on cleaning up Twitter? I had to stop using it. seems rather tame in comparison!