Well done guys! Looking to spend lots of time here.

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    Woo hoo! You got a really low alpha number too :)

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    Thanks Bart!

  3. 907

    I have a feeling I'm going to be here so often I'll have to start paying rent :)

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    Looks great guys!!

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    Love this site!

  6. 1092

    Test, to see what my Alpha number is... I wanted 512 or 1024 :D

  7. 1092

    1044, so close!

  8. 193

    Its looking great so far!

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    Defintely need to put the forums URL in the Tech folder on the Bookmarks Bar. I expect to check in often.

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    The site and forums are looking good!

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    Thanks guys for your efforts!

  12. 533

    Let us see, what is my alpha number.

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    Appreciate all the work being done here to improve our access to the internet's premier technology news property.  Thanks for the passion and focus... it's working.