Digital Decluttering Any Updates?

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  1. j5

    Hey Paul! Any updates on your digital decluttering project? I really enjoy reading that series and seeing how you’re scanning and organizing your photos. Thanks!
  2. Paul Thurrott

    I finished scanning my old photos two years ago, so that work is pretty much done, at least the heavy lifting. All I have left is a collection of previously scanned photos to go through, sometimes for cropping/editing, but all of it will need at least data-based meta-data.
  3. j5

    Ah ok. What do you using to clean up and edit the meta-data on your photos? The days of software on your computer, like Picasa, are long over.
    • agret

      Google Photos received an update at some point where it uses image recognition on your photos to locate landmarks and automatically geotag them, photos I took of my Europe trip in 2019 on an RX100 with no GPS are now geotagged by Photos. Pretty amazing tech.
      • Paul Thurrott

        Good stuff.
      • j5

        I might have to give Google Photos a try? My issue is that I have over 250 gigs, something like that of photos. And that doesn’t include the photos everyone has taken with their iPhone. I use OneDrive as back up because I get that 1TB free with a Office365 subscription. That’s such a great deal considering what you get.

    • Paul Thurrott

      I just use File Explorer for the date.