Fake Tech


I see it in tech news constantly, and interact with it on a daily basis…

Fake Tech.

Ridesharing. Gig Culture. Delivery.

This stuff gets lumped in with “tech” because they use apps, but it’s fake tech. Let’s examine how poorly this junk works.

For one, let’s not even start on the business side of things. They never hire anyone, and instead hide behind “contractors” agreements to make sure they don’t have to fulfill any actual employee obligations. Then, their “tech” is full on garbage. If you need to contact the poor, shat-upon soul who toils for the algorithm-chosen amount of pay, they just dump you at a text message instead of guaranteeing you can contact the individual.

I had to deal with Doordash tonight. For a “tech” company, they literally have a 1970s phone system that connects you to an outsourced call center that is completely helpless to do anything.

This isn’t actually technology. It’s a company that hired a few devs to write an app and a backend while some true brogrammers cook up a shitty, exploitative business model.

Fake tech. But the business press thinks that this is what technology is.

Useless!! 😀

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