File formats matter


Oops, shouldn’t have let the work experience kid plan this!

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  1. waethorn

    This is common in governments.

  2. venuvedam

    The most irritating aspect are the headlines that scream "Excel glitch". It is not a glitch in the software. It is basically muppets using the software where it shouldn't be.

  3. minke

    Always blame the hammer when you hit your thumb!

    • wright_is

      In reply to Minke:

      Using the right too for the job. There are much better tools out there for analysing large data sets, including a version of Excel newer than 2007!

  4. phil_adcock

    Would think a large government would have already tested and known the max that a format could hold. With data being as easily available as it is today. I can imagine in future years new formats being created to compress data to smaller file sizes while still retaining all the data without loss.

  5. hrlngrv

    Whoever implemented the system which consolidated the other files should have been explicit about the file type expected. Bonus if they had given reasons for that file type.

    Consolidation should have been a database operation, so submitted .XLS files should have been a red flag if CSV files had been expected. It seems there was also ample lack of communications.