Huawei in the news again


Huawei’s ability to eavesdrop on Dutch mobile users is a wake-up call for the telecoms industry

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  1. lvthunder

    What good is a mobile provider if they have to outsource the running of their network? Might as well call it Huawei telecom at that point.

  2. geoff

    Huawei were granted Administrator rights, and were effectively running the entire Telco operation.

    As Administrators, they had the ability to access everything. That's not a security vulnerability or a backdoor or even a hacking attack. It's not even technical; that's just Administrator-level privilege.

  3. johnh3

    Other Huawei news. Leica is dumping the partnership with Huawei mobile. I think its a matter of some months before Huawei stop making smartphones.