Is anyone using a CMDB at home?


Disclaimer: maybe I’m over-thinking this. But isn’t that half the fun?

Between PCs, laptops, Raspberry Pis, phones, Kindles, Xbox and everything else, I have a lot of stuff at home.

From time to time I need to record some information about them, like when the warranty expires or what the wireless MAC address is.

I’m just wondering if anyone is using, or can recommend, a CMDB or other asset management solution at home?

Ideally, I’d want some kind of cloud service that is free, or very cheap, for a single user.

Any recommendations appreciated.


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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I don't, but this would be useful for insurance purposes too (theft/fire/whatever).

  2. GT Tecolotecreek

    I use OSX/IOS Notes app, auto syncs across all my devices. I do 2 notes for each asset, info and history. For example, my ATVs/motorcycles I have an info note for general service info like s/n, vin, oil type, quantity, filter type, common torques specs, etc. I also have a history note for when services were provided. Gives me a quick lookup when services were done, and lot quicker than digging out the factory service manuals. Use it for everything, vehicles, house appliances, computer info. Because it is full searchable it makes it really fast and easy to find info when working on a project.