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I started using computers back in the 70’s and since then I’ve had the habit of logging out of a site (or program) when I am done with a session. Back in the Timesharing days forgeting to do that meant that the next user calling in had acess to your account. In my case it was the schools account. It drives me nuts when I see people do it. Even more so on sites that either don’t give you a logout option or you have to return to the home screen to do so.

Do you logout or close?

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  1. wright_is

    It depends, for sites like this, I don't bother logging out. For anything financial, I log out every time.

    It used to be possible to take over a session, although it takes work. Now it is much harder, with https everywhere, but not impossible. It is still good practice to always log out of a site, before closing the tab or browser.