More tales from tech support

So I work in a community college where I have to help people who use our systems in the classrooms, and the other day I came across an interesting one. The individual said things started to work once the “HTML cable” was plugged in to the laptop, and that in order for the system to turn on (and thus the projector hanging from the ceiling to cast an image), the DVD player needed to be turned on first.

HTML cable? That’s a new one. 🙂

And nothing is dependent on whether the DVD player is turned on. It doesn’t provide power to other parts of the system.

But sometimes you just nod and go on with your day.

But hey, I admit, I don’t know everything either. I bet if a mechanic tried to walk me through building my own engine or changing my own oil, I’d probably ask some silly questions too.

Anybody else got some recent humorous computer naivete to share?


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