New SpectreRSB that bypass current software / firmware


From Security Now on or Show Notes.

After viewing the podcast, I wonder why Amd and Intel are still allowed to sell vulnerable CPUs knowing that their CPUs are very insecure even with the softwares patches and firmware updates.

And why all the big companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and OEMs not suing Intel / AMD for putting their cloud so much at risk?

And what about us? Will it need a good hacker that uses our systems for crypto-mining without our knowledge to do something?

Intel, AMD and Microsoft has to sit down to find a way to design a new CPU that will fix this sh$%@!#$t. At this speed, we will return to the dark age in performance with all the firmware updates that disable every speculative features in the current CPUs.

And I wonder if we should require from Intel / AMD to add a warning sticker on the CPU box like in the tobaco industry 🙂

Every week there is a new Spectre problem that surface. This is getting scary.

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