Observations from Fly Over Country


I am traveling with the S.O. to middle, rural, America. It’s interesting to see what tech is being used in airports and internet hotspots. Obviously this is not a scientific poll, but you might want respond with your own observations.

In no particular order:

1. Holy cow, I’m seeing a lot of Apple Watches. Mostly the under 40 crowd, but I’m in a small store (with internet) in central Kansas, and all the kids that work here a sporting them. Same deal at the Walmarts, and the gas stations. Older folks are not wearing them.

2. Laptops. I’m an Apple user, but everything is Lenovo or Dell as you move from Missouri through Colorado. I’m from an urban area and I usually see as many MacBooks as I do PC laptops in the coffee shops, commuter train, etc. Not here.

3. Tablets. Not so much. On the plane out here most of the people had some sort of laptop. I’ve seen only a couple of iPads so far. However, we’ve seen tablets (iPads I think) in use by staff in some restaurants, and one little place was using an iPad with a keyboard as a point of sale station.

4. Phones. Back in my home turf I work with professionals. It’s 90% iPhone there. Out here I’m seeing just as many Android devices. I’m trying to talk my niece into switching to an iPhone for the iMessage thing, but she is having none of it.

Just some random observations.

The big takeaway for me is that the desktop OS is not going away soon. At least not out here.

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