Opinion on Flickr


Flickr is undoubtedly a fantastic photo sharing site. It offers a large amount of storage, and is great for sharing photos with other photography aficionados. The only problem with Flickr right now is it is still owned by Yahoo.

For anyone who is using Flickr like me, regularly. I would suggest changing your password, of course, immediately to a strong password with symbols, numbers, and lower/upper case letters. Additionally, enable 2 step verification. This way, you will need to verify yourself using your phone, to login.

I think Yahoo, SHOULD spin Flickr off and sell it to either like Microsoft or Google. It is again, an excellent photo sharing site, and I continue to use it today. It is disappointing it has to be connected to an irresponsible company and one that’s an anachronism.

What do you think?  Are you still using Flickr and plan to keep using it? Do you think Flickr should be spun off? 

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