Opinion on Linux


I a longtime Windows user, and have used Windows since Windows 3.11. I recently tried out several popular Linux distrubutions recently, to see what they were like. I tried Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Elementary OS, and Linux Mint. I was very surprised at how solid some were. Linux was always the OS I had on a flash drive in case my computer had issues. Now it seems like an OS I could dual boot with Windows.

Here is my thoughts on the different distros

Ubuntu 16.04


Works out of the box

Offers many great software


Scales reasonably well on a Hi DPI display


Interface is subjective

Maintained by a company


Fedora 24


Cutting Edge Linux technologies

Includes newest features

Very secure


Not for people who want long term support.

Not the stablest of distros

Scaling in Gnome needs a lot of work.



Very stable

Great community support


Is not the most begginer friendly distro

Some drivers do not work out of the box

Elementary OS 0.4 Loki


Very good clean, easy to use user interface

Excellent preinstalled programs

Scales very well on a Hi DPI display


Epiphany browser isn’t as full featured as like Firefox

Linux Mint


Easy to use and familiar interface

Works right out of the box

Includes a wide range of free software

Great for beginners


Not the best on a touchscreen.




Linux has matured and gotten to a point where I think it is comparable to Windows. It still have flaws and isn’t as clean cut as Windows yet, especially having to use the terminal on many occasions. However, Linux distros like Linux Mint,  and Ubuntu, are excellent and are good for those wanting an alternative OS to Windows or OSX.




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