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What is with the pop up ad on the homepage? Even Adblock and Ghostery doesn’t stop it. Brad/Paul, come on guys. You don’t need to piss off users with that crap.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Not seeing it.

  2. nicola


  3. Brad Sams

    So here is my very honest response to this:

    If you are a premium member, please submit this to [email protected] as I am not seeing it on my end.

    If you are not a premium member, I would suggest looking at that option to remove ads from the site but if you are complaining about ads on a site that is primarily supported by ads and your adblocker isnt stopping them, I dont have much sympathy, sorry.

    Adblockers are the death of every site on the planet and ads will only get more intrusive as more users try to avoid contributing to a site that is supported by ad revenue.

    • stebie_boy

      In reply to brad-sams:

      I'm seeing this Sponsored Content as well when logged in as a premium member on both my iPad and iPhone. Email with details and screen shots sent to [email protected] - I'm UK based. I've tried logging out, clearing the cache and logging in again on my iPhone but I'm still seeing the sponsored content.

      • anchovylover

        In reply to stebie_boy:

        I'm in Australia so it may be a non U.S issue. I'm seeing a 3/4 page size ad for an upcoming webinar.

      • stebie_boy

        In reply to stebie_boy:

        I've also sent this information to [email protected] in a second email but the issue may be due to the fact that I'm now using a different email address to the original one that I used with thurrott.com - I've been using the new email address for a lot of months but I did have a problem that Tim had to sort out when I first changed it. It is really annoying seeing ads when you've paid not to see them!

    • StevenLayton

      In reply to brad-sams:My main problem with this pop up ad was that it made trying to access the site on my mobile (Nexus 6P) virtually impossible as I couldn't find the close button to get to the rest of the site. I have no problem with ads that pay your bills, but they shouldn't make it hard to view the site.

  4. anchovylover

    Allow me to clarify please Brad. Once I log in the pop up disappears. It may be this is an issue here in Australia. I have had a couple of those issues. I do not use an ad blocker on this site, I'm a Premium member so why would I. My original post alluded to when I come to this site that pop up is there. Further, if I enable my ad blocker and Ghostery before I log in the pop up is still there. It isn't the welcome I assume you wan't to give to new visitors.

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to anchovylover:

      If you are logged out, you will see ads, the premium account features are only present when logged in.

      And I'm not sure that I understand, you're saying that a pop-up ad is getting by an ad blocker and that's not something we want to show new users? That's how this site pays the bills is when a company buys that ad space.

  5. MacLiam

    As a premium member I have also been annoyed by the webinar ad, but it's a problem that would disappear if an autologin procedure would sign me in the moment I first hit the page. I have my LastPass data for Thurrott.com set to autologin, but it never happens. I need to click the login link at the top of the page, then the Member Login button on the pop-up box. At least the username/PW fields are populated for me so I don't have to type them every time. I have no idea if logging in with Google or Facebook would avoid this problem, because I don't grant data scavengers unnecessary access to how I use my devices.

    It's probably work without any measurable benefit for somebody to configure this website for autologin when a member first hits the page, but it would be a welcome courtesy.

    I will send this to the "help" address as well