·        Microsoft will not have a version of Windows called “Windows 10X,” nor will Duo run on “Android.” Microsoft’s modern OS will be called Edge OS

·        There will be a huge scandal involving collusion between tech media and Big Tech

·        The breath of corruption in online comments and fake accounts working on behalf of Big Tech will be exposed

·        The real reason that Sergey Brin and Larry Page stepped down from Alphabet (Google) will make headlines

·        Brad Smith will fire Frank X. Shaw

·        Facebook will be the main target of antitrust investigations in the U.S.

·        Microsoft will be ordered to sever all ties with Windows Central

·        Apple will pay billions in the App Store monopoly case

·        Bezos will leverage his billions and the Washington Post to try to defeat Trump

·        There will be many negative comments and down votes by Microsoft employees on this post

·        And, of course, the obligatory huge data breach of some company, but no one will go to jail.

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