Presidential Debate 9-26-2016


Who here is watching the presidential debate tonight? Who do you think will win?

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  1. 5480

    Going straight for politics. That's brave.

    I predict Hillary will keel over and fall unconcious at some point. The media will remark on how presidential her lifeless body will look and declare her brave for continuing the debate whilst facing a "minor infection".

    Trump will, despite all this, continue his gain in the polls.

  2. 4115

    Yeah Hillary won this debate.  Trump looked like he was having a seizure half the time. Weird. 

  3. 709

    Hilary won this debate hands down!

    Trump still struggles to explain his own policies. He gets as far as some of his talking points but lacks in depth understanding of pretty much anything he wants to talk about.

  4. 325

    I might watch them, just for the entertainment value, but I'll make sure to have a six-pack of beer next to me!


    Who'll win the debate?  I vote for anyone who doesn't watch, North Korea, and Iran.

  5. 4010

    Trump won this debate hands down.

    Clinton looked very shifty on the issues of those emails and Benghazi. I was a floating voter, but now I'm definitely voting for Trump.

  6. 5482

    I could of seen it going either way.  It seemed to me Hillary won.  She kept Trump on the defensive and was far more articulate.  I didn't find Hillary perfect, but I found Trump sometimes confusing in what he was trying to articulate and sometimes obnoxious. 

    How it will changes the rest of the publics option, I am less sure of.
  7. 413

    I was partially surprised at how tame Trump was in comparison to normal.  I thought he appeared more presidential then in the past which was a "new look" for him.

    Hilary appeared to be very smug, egotistical, and "above it".  That didn't sit well with me.

    That being said, I also agree with others here that it seemed Trump was on the defensive the second half of the debate.  Appeared to win the first 20-40 minutes then just faded like Connor McGregor :)

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